Ep 47: Invasion Day

Welcome to an Invasion day special of Curtain the podcast. Host Amy McQuire reflects on what the day means to her and the broader Indigenous community, while also discussing some of the findings of her recent travels around Australia of horrific events and massacres. Afterward Martin Hodgson has a challenge for you to undertake this invasion day, a 20 square kilometre examination of the past and present treatment of ATSI people where you live and runs you through the events of the area that surrounds him.

Amy Mcquire – What They Don’t Teach You Video Series https://www.facebook.com/BuzzFeedOzNews/videos/3192762090734667/

To Celebrate Australia day is to Celebrate Violence – https://t.co/B9o9QmJKLJ


This weeks episode was made possible with the support of Uri Auerbach, Jacqui Newberry, Susan Peterson, Simon Crewdson, Pablo Solomon, Gillian Haines and other generous donors.
They pledged support and you can too at https://www.patreon.com/CurtainPodcast


One thought on “Ep 47: Invasion Day

  1. Just listening now. Heart aching. I take your invitation to look at the 20 sq kilometres around me seriously. I am fortunate enough to have been to a talk by Lyndall Ryan about the massacre map they have been working on at Newcastle Uni.


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