Ep 66: The Covid 19 Prison Crisis

In a new episode of Curtain The Podcast, host Martin Hodgson brings you the latest information on the way the Corona Virus is impacting on our prison system. And what can be done to help those inside and assist in getting parole and release for those at risk. Information with ways you can get assistance for a family member or friend is below.

PLS                                                                    SIS

Katrina Davidson                                            Katie McHenry

katrina@plsqld.com                                      katie@sistersinside.com.au

Prisoners Legal Service – http://www.PLSQLD.com

Sisters Inside – http://www.SistersInside.com.au


Foreign Prisoner Support Service – Martin.Hodgson@foreignprisoners.com
Twitter @MartinGHodgson @AmyMcQuire @DebKilroy

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