Ep 74: New Evidence Support’s Reed’s Innocence

In this episode of Curtain, hosts Amy McQuire and Martin Hodgson take you behind the scenes of the latest evidentiary hearing in the case of Rodney Reed. More evidence is presented of Rodney’s innocence, new police lies are exposed and questions are raised once again as to just how deep the cover-up went. 

This weeks episode was made possible with the support of Steve Bunbajee, Ivana Kovac Kuti, Susan Peterson, Simon Crewdson, Tim Levinson, Gillian Haines, Brami Jegan, Claire, Amanda Porter, Khadija Gbla, Lisa Williams, Anna Ashenden and other generous donors.
They pledged support and you can too at https://www.patreon.com/CurtainPodcast

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